Atlanta Women's Specialists takes great pride in its 40-year tradition of providing and advancing women's healthcare. As your Atlanta Ob/GYN, our physicians and staff are committed to excellence and innovation in medical care. As your obstetric and gynecologic healthcare needs change over time - from yearly checkups and contraception to pregnancies and, eventually, menopause - we're ready to serve you.

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Skilled and Compassionate. What do you want in an Ob/Gyn? It's an important question, and each women's answer is unique. So we start with the essentials: Our health providers are well trained, dedicated professionals. Then we add people with different personality types, so you can find the doctor that best works for you. We are proud to have a diverse, multicultural office. And we speak Spanish.

So whoever you choose, you will be well cared for.

Paperless and Personal. Can technology bring you closer to your doctor and more freedom to manage your healthcare? We think so. That's why paper charts became a thing of the past at our office in 2002, when we became one of the first medical practices affiliated with Northside Hospital to go paperless.

Instead we use a computer system that gives us and you faster access to your health records. You'll be able to send a secure web message to your doctor and request a refill online, among other things. And instead of searching through hundreds of paper files, we can easily find your information in our database, giving us more time to help you.

Our physicians are affiliated with Northside Hospital. Each of our physcians are affiliated with Northside which means our patients have access to Atlanta's Most Preferred Hospital, where more babies are delivered each year than at any other hospital in the nation.

Empowering Patients. Knowledge truly can be power, when it's used to make better healthcare decisions. And so can time, when you have the freedom to get more things done.

That's why we provide health information online and offline, which can lead to better questions when you see your doctor. Through FollowMyHealth you have easy access to information that most doctors keep in paper charts you never see. This system also allows to you quickly request a refill, see lab results and more, rather than play phone tag.

It's your health and your life. We give you the resources and tools to make both easier.

Here for you, when you need us. We've been privileged to become part of many families' lives, sometimes caring for grandmother, mother and daughter at the same time. That level of trust inspires us to provide consistent, convenient and compassionate healthcare at all times.

Our patients have a strong attachment to us, and the feeling is mutual.


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